The infallible rules for defining curls and avoiding frizz

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Defined, elastic, full-bodied. Curly hair of Jasmine Sanders they are undoubtedly among the most envied. Her soft and flowing curly hair at the right point reminds you that with the right precautions and the correct one hair care routine excellent results can be obtained. Proof of rain and seasonal humidity.

Starting with the choice of specific products, essential for a precious dose of hydration, combined with some precautions during drying and styling. Just as he explained to us Giuliano Peretti, owner of Cotril Salons by Giuliano in Milan.

Curly hair: the importance of choosing specific products

“Curly hair is definitely needed. a specific treatment that hydrates the hair, which by its nature is often dry, and which does not weigh down. The shampoo should be without sles and the conditioner, which will be left on for 3 to 5 minutes, must give elasticity and hydration. For example, the line CURL of Cotril gently cleanses without weighing it down and gives hydration and softness, enhancing the volume of the hair. It improves the resistance of the hair fiber and its flexibility and reduces the frizz effect, another typical problem of curly hair ».

The conditioner? Don’t rinse it off completely

«A little piece of advice I can give is not to completely rinse the conditioner (rinse it for 95%), but leave the hair slightly “slippery”. In this way, curly hair, which is usually porous, will remain more hydrated».

Drying and styling to avoid the effect frizz

“Also with regard to styling it is important to use ad hoc products that leave the curl soft, but defined and not” vitrified “, modeling the natural waving of the hair and eliminating frizz, such as I gave Cotril. Drying must always take place with a diffuser and not letting the air out directly on the hair. The hair should be contained with your hands, moving it as little as possible until the end of drying. As a finishing I recommend a moisturizing oil for the lengths and ends ».

Mistakes to avoid

«The most common mistakes are choosing unsuitable products and drying with direct air in a few minutes. We hairdressers, to dry a curly hair, it takes from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the length ».

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