The injuries of an elderly woman with leukemia who was attacked by two thieves are shocking

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Terrible wounds left on the body and face of an elderly woman suffering from leukemia two thieves, who attacked her to steal the scooter she uses to move her.

Ida Brown, 79, was confronted by two men last Sunday at the back door of her home in Gateshead, England, who hit her and threw her against a wall.

Eventually they broke it without being able to steal the scooter, but left her on the floor with her knee injured and severe bruises around her eyes.

The woman was awakened by her cats and so she went out to see what had happened. “They did not manage to steal my scooter but I remember them running and saying they would return.

My knee hurts a lot and I could not open my eyes for days after the incident. Because I have leukemia I can not take some painkillers, so the pain is great.

My neighbors are really supportive and the cat is a good watchdog but it is scary to know they will be back. I know I will not open my door to anyone anymore because I do not want to be in this position again.

Police are investigating the case and speak of a heinous attack on a vulnerable pensioner in her own home. At the same time, they say they are determined to find the men responsible for the nightmare that old woman.

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