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The invention of us two: a preview clip of the new film with Lino Guanciale and Silvia D’Amico

The invention of us twothe bestseller of Matthew Compass published by Einaudi, comes to life at the cinema in a delicate comedy about the discovery of feelings. At the heart of the story, directed by Corrado Ceron And in theaters from July 18ththere are Milo and Nadia. They have been married for fifteen years but, at a certain point, Milo realizes that his wife no longer wants him: she doesn’t look at him, she doesn’t listen to him and she doesn’t share almost anything with him anymore. It is at this point that the man decides to write to Nadia pretending to be someone else, thus starting a secret correspondence that will lead both of them to reveal themselves as they have never done before.


Lending their faces to the two protagonists of The invention of us two I am Lino Guanciale and Silvia D’Amico, absolutely perfect in lending their faces to the contradictions, fears and euphoria of two married people who try to overcome the crisis that has overwhelmed them by playing a game that will lead them to travel unexplored terrain. The film, a K+ production with the contribution of the Veneto Region and the support of the Veneto Film Commission, produced by Nicola Fedrigoni and Valentina Zanella, We give you a preview above, ready to immerse us in a romantic atmosphere that our cinema is increasingly sacrificing for the dramatic genre.

The invention of us two in preview a clip of the new film with Lino Guanciale and Silvia D'Amico

Together with Guanciale and D’Amico, we also find in the cast Francesco Montanari and Paolo Rossi: the subject and the screenplay of the The invention of us two are curated by Federico Fava, Valentina Zanella, Matteo Bussola, Paola Barbato; photography is by Massimo Moschin; editing by Davide Vizzini; scenography by Massimo Pauletto; costumes by Marzia Paparini and music by Lorenzo Tomio and Maddalena Pasqua.


Source: Vanity Fair

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