The irreconcilable differences and the new love: inside the divorce of Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri

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It wasn’t exactly a bolt from the blue, however the news of the divorce between Elisabetta Canalis And Brian Perri continues to hold court, fueled by gossip and curiosities about the now ex couple. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time, not even on social media, in those moments of life shared between Los Angeles and Italy, close-knit and serene together with their daughter Skyler Evathat’s why it was already imagined that something creaked, from the summer of 2022 to be precise, before she denied it, with photos of a family trip.

The rumors took a while to become certain. To drop the bomb, the magazine People, with lots of publication of the documents filed in court to formalize the farewell between the former tissue and the doctor, who got married in Alghero, in the places of her childhood, on September 14, 2014. Neither Canalis nor Perri, notoriously very reserved, have officially commented on the end of their union. “Irreconcilable Differences” recite the papers presented before the Los Angeles judge, a generic formula that says everything and nothing.

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What really happened nobody knows. Other people, guesses someone, the umpteenth perhaps. And in the last few hours it’s just one supposed new story of her to hold court. According to the weekly WhoElisabetta Canalis would attend a kickboxing champion, with which she was spotted more than once in Milan, during the last fashion week. Georgian Cimpeanu, born in 1983, nicknamed Icemanwas three times world champion in the sport that won over the former tissue, so much so that it even made her debut in the ring.

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She often trained with him, as a video posted on her Instagram account also tells. A dinner together, however, certainly does not make a story, just as training as a couple does not, but the fact of being entering a building together, some doubt insinuates him, and feeds rumors that are not silent.

Another gossip does not subside, the her desire to return to live in Italy. With Perri, the well-informed assure, the former couple would already live in separate houses, but a move would be unlikely due to the child they had together, Skyler Eva, 7 years. Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri asked for thejoint custody of daughter, a sign that, at least on the most important issue, they are in perfect agreement. A decision, this, which will facilitate the separation practices, as well as the fact that she has not asked for any maintenance from the ex. It won’t take long to file what almost a decade ago seemed like a fairytale wedding, at least six months under California law. Considering the premises, they could be respected.

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