«The Island of the Famous 2021»: rags fly between Gilles Rocca and Tommaso Zorzi


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In the fourteenth episode, the one that sees the entry into the studio of Elisa Isoardi and the overflowing muscles of Ignazio Moser in the foreground, theIsland of the Famous it turns on. The occasion is the intolerance of Gilles Rocca who, in recent weeks, has chosen to isolate himself more and more from the group by meditating several times to leave Honduras to return to his girlfriend Miriam Galanti. The physical deterioration, the absence of food and the fluctuating mood prompted the actor to ask the audience to vote for him and eliminate him (a wish that, shortly after, will be fulfilled) to allow him to return home, hug his love and end his experience without criminal to hurt.

Shortly before the decision expressed by the public, however, the air between him and the columnist Tommaso Zorzi, initially born under the sign of complicity and gradually becoming more and more critical, it generates one of the most fiery squabbles of thisIsola. It is no mystery that Zorzi has often questioned Rocca’s feelings towards his companions, and that is why he reiterates the concept, suggesting that the castaways have agreed to vote for him: “Tommaso, I’m sorry, but if at Big Brother if they had said untrue things about the nominations, wouldn’t it have bothered you? ” Gilles asks. “But why do you always talk about mine Big Brother? ” Zorzi replies meeting Rocca’s reaction: “You did that, I can’t talk about followers “.

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From here the clash gets to the heart. “Why, what have you done?” Zorzi continues. “Movies, I’ve made movies. Go document, Paolo Sorrentino, I won the Massimo Troisi prize “defends the Roman actor, to whom Zorzi replies with a simple” yes, oh well, the new George Clooney “. “I don’t need followers like you, all I’ve done is for the fuck hole that I made myself.” Strong words that push the presenter Ilary Blasi and the other commentators in the studio, Elettra Lamborghini and Iva Zanicchi, to tone down to avoid fueling the controversy. Shortly after, it was Gilles Rocca who left theIsola by the will of the public even if, speaking of the physical weakness that certainly influenced his way of interacting in Palapa, Gilles explains that it could have been the fault of the Covid che contracted during the Christmas holidays: “In another period of my life I would have lived theIsola in a different way. Unfortunately, I spent a month and a half with Covid, I was also debilitated by the experience of Dancing. For this, having no longer the physical strength, the mental one has also ceased to exist ».

Hence, the choice to move away from companions and to carve out more and more moments of solitude: “If I isolated myself it is because I didn’t want to be seen by others and to lower the morale of the group.” At this point, however, let’s expect the squabbles to continue in the studio: in a delicate phase like this, marked by a progressive decline in audience and attention, this is precisely what theIsland of the Famous he needs.

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