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The Israeli army says it has taken control of the Gaza port

Israel’s military said today it had taken “operational control” of the Gaza port, a key infrastructure in the northern Palestinian enclave, on the 41st day of war between Israel and the Islamist organization Hamas.

A joint operation by armored and ground forces allowed “in recent days” to “assume operational control of the Gaza port, which was controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas”the military said in a statement.

The Israeli military added that the Palestinian organization was using it “as a training center for maritime commando forces with the aim of planning and executing maritime naval attacks.”

The war was sparked by Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israeli soil on October 7.

On the Israeli side, about 1,200 people were killed, mostly civilians who were massacred that day, according to authorities.

In retaliation, Israel is relentlessly pounding the Gaza Strip, which is under total siege. Israeli shelling has killed 11,500 people, mostly civilians, including 4,710 children, according to the Hamas government.

After claiming to have encircled the northern part of the enclave, the army maintains it is fighting in the heart of Gaza City and has announced in recent days that it has taken control of several of the Islamist group’s government buildings, including parliament and the military.

The Islamist organization downplayed this announcement, referring to “empty” buildings.

Israeli troops are also intervening in Gaza hospitals, which Israel says are being used by Hamas as weapons caches and command centers.

The Israeli army thus continues today its raid on the main hospital of the Gaza Strip, Al Shifa, where thousands of Palestinian civilians are located, which causes strong concerns and criticisms at the international level.

Source: News Beast

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