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The Israelis favor the resumption of operations in Gaza

Israelis asked on the streets of Tel Aviv favored the resumption of army operations in the Gaza Strip today, acknowledging the dangers but blaming Hamas for the collapse of the truce. The pause in the 7-week war allowed hostages held after the October 7 Hamas attack to be exchanged for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and facilitated the entry of humanitarian aid into the coastal enclave.

“Not all those who were detained returned. They did not reunite the families. We had no other choice. You know, we didn’t choose war,” said Dvir Feller. “We still have 156 hostages in Gaza, they still have babies there… We don’t want this war, but we are forced to,” he declared. The army repeated air strikes in the Palestinian enclave early today, accusing Hamas of violating the seven-day ceasefire by firing rockets.

Israeli Yael Segal, 53, said “I’m really worried about this because I know it’s necessary, it has to go on. But on the other hand, all hostages are in real danger. “I hope that Hamas will be smart enough to keep the hostages safe and also the innocent citizens of Gaza, that they will also be safe,” he said.

The military today posted a link to an online map showing Gaza divided into hundreds of areas, which the military says will help make instructions for future evacuation operations easier to understand. “Israel usually, you know, sends messages before the attacks and asks people to leave this area but Hamas won’t let them leave and then they blame Israel and the victims, who are innocent civilians,” Segal said. .

In the opinion polls, by tradition Israelis rate the military very positively, where enlistment is mandatory and which is often characterized as the people’s army, as reported by APE-MPE. Israel’s Lior Fower said: “I think hostilities will continue no matter what. And I don’t believe that Hamas will hand over all the hostages because they are using them as human shields. “So if they hand them all over, they will have nothing to stand against Israel because Israel has a much stronger army than Hamas. I too am in favor of the fight against Hamas. And I think they should pay for what they did to Israel,” he said.

Much of Gaza, an enclave of 2.3 million people, has been reduced to rubble in the Israeli offensive launched in retaliation for the October 7 Hamas invasion, in which Israel said 1,200 people were killed and about 240 were taken hostage. Authorities in Gaza say Israeli shelling has so far killed more than 15,000 people in the Hamas-controlled enclave.

“We really need to finish the work we started because we are afraid to live in our country. It is our country, we have a small Jewish country. We are afraid to go out in case we are hit by rockets, in case there are suicide attacks,” said Tanya Rubinstein. “I just called my girlfriend and said, ‘I hope we don’t get stabbed.’ We just came for a coffee. We just want to live. We have nowhere else to go.”

Source: News Beast

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