The journalist who was injured in Ukraine is back on TV – “I have one leg, I see out of one eye”

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The American journalist Benjamin Hall who had been seriously injured in the Ukraine in the first days of the war, he returned to TV and sent a resounding message as he lost some of his body parts.

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Speaking to Fox News, he said he lost a leg and an eye, but continues to try and urged those facing difficulties to never give up. “I’ve lost a leg, I’m missing a foot on the other leg, I can see out of one eye, I have a working hand. I have burns all over and I feel stronger and more confident than ever,” he said, according to the

I think it’s very important when you reach your lowest pointwhen you feel really bad, know that there is something good on the other side”, he said and added that “if you work hard, if you commit to getting somewhere and don’t stop trying, you will get there».

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It is noted that Benjamin Hall was injured on March 10, when the vehicle he was riding in was shot at, resulting in the death of 55-year-old cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and the 24-year-old journalist Oleksandra Kivsinova.

Source: News Beast

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