Home Entertainment The joy of (returning to) living parades in Milan

The joy of (returning to) living parades in Milan

The joy of (returning to) living parades in Milan

Maybe we will be wrong (no, we think we are right), but the message that comes to us loud and clear even from the second day of fashion shows Milano Fashion Week it is unequivocal. And it is a message of optimism, of positivity, of enthusiasm towards the world that we can begin to live fully and to the end. A message of rediscovery joy of life, of fun, of opening. Which, translated into the language of fashion, means lightness, desire of seduction, courage into dare, referring to happy times, more or less near, of the past.

And especially, color. Lively, bright, brilliant, ringing. Color dominates all the catwalks for the next one Spring Summer, that of 2022.

Gives Max Mara between the iconic camel and the timeless black alternate with gray and white, but also with surprising orange e yellow canary, for looks so clean and almost minimal, but which indulge in seductive winks thanks to uncovered bellies, feathers thrown there with irony, legs joyfully shown up well above the knee. A collection with a bourgeois nature, yes, but of that bourgeoisie ready for rebellion and subversion. If only to have some fun.
Color – indeed colors, all – from Etro, which looks back, at the time between the 60s and 70s, and sends on the catwalk very fresh and kaleidoscopic prints with an ethno flavor, among which the timeless paisley cannot be missing, however made contemporary by evident sporty hints and references to silhouettes 90. Abundant and amusing use of the crochet.
Color also from Emporio Armani, which celebrates its first rampant 40 years of life with a collection that wants to be almost the manifesto of an aesthetic that is always faithful to itself, and therefore very recognizable, which on this occasion alternates the delicate nuances of the sherbet with those that seem to come out from brand new markers, from grass green to bright red to turquoise.
Color, and more, for the sensual revival of the 2000s by Nicola Brognano for Blumarine: a dive into the brand’s archives and here are very low-waisted trousers, micro cardigans, slits, ruffles, roses, scarves tied to the garment, butterflies fluttering here and there, denim print in abundance, neon dazzles, delicate embroidery applied on clothes that are not delicate they are, and indeed they scream to the world the desire to conquer everything and everyone.
Password, in short: evasion. Now we can also indulge in something more than a dream. Starting with a dress. After the last year and a half, how to blame us?


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