The Kardashians: 5 partners we’ve seen in reality TV and we never want to have anything to do with

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With the debut of The Kardashiansthe new reality show of the Kardashian-Jenner clan (available from today on Disney +), we can’t help but think with a little nostalgia of the first episodes of their show and all the absurd stories we have witnessed, from epic fights to stories of tabloid love.

But, let’s face it, the partners of the most famous family on TV have not always responded to the ideal of a perfect man / woman, indeed, some actually represent the model of a * toxic * boyfriend to steer clear of.

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A few examples?

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We are in 2011 and after 10 months together, Kris and Kim decide to get married and then divorce after only 72 days. Let’s face it: seeing Keeping up with the Kardashianwe all understood from day one that it could never work between them. He accused her of marrying him to exploit his fame, perhaps forgetting that, in the pre-Kim era, no one knew of his existence.. On the other hand, she apologized for not really exposing her feelings and pushing things too far. A relationship that she didn’t make us dream of at all.

Kim Kardashian shows us how good it is to cut toxic relationships out of one’s life

Source: Vanity Fair

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