The key to happiness is modesty, the Finns prove it

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For the third year in a row, Finland has obtained the primacy of the nation where people are happiest in the world in the World Happiness Report 2021 (Italy, if you are wondering, is in 25th place). Meanwhile, an interesting article published by the magazine Slate explains why Finns are so reluctant to accept that they are the happiest people in the world. According to the journalists’ survey, the famous happiness of the Nordic peoples it’s all a matter of reasonable expectationsthere. The concept: if you choose simplicity, if you are modest and refuse both excess and constant comparison with those who have more, then you will be happy. As Scandinavian culture teaches, living with exaggerated expectations means entering a circle of constant frustration. In short, the opposite of happiness.

Is modesty equal to happiness? The psychologist’s opinion
We asked the psychologist and psychoanalyst Elena Benvenuti to comment on the recipe for happiness made in Finland. “High expectations represent the number one enemy of our times: we are becoming more and more beings who do not want, but who they always expect more of what they have. What is the risk? Surely that of remaining forever waiting for something that will not happen, for something that will remain unexpressed and in suffering forever. A slavery exacerbated by Instagram, who with his images and videos that are anything but spontaneous makes us believe that the lives of others are more and more exciting, comfortable, in a word, perfect. And here comes a pressure that the experts have defined Excitement Anxiety: a state of alert and consequent alteration of the physiological state of body and mind, which leads us to want to do and have more and more, never stopping to enjoy what you have. We absolutely have to learn from the minimalist and frugal philosophy of the Finns, which is that of all the peoples of Northern Europe. Enjoy the little daily joys, in which intangible assets such as nature and affections come first, it means feeling more satisfied, serene, centered. Hence happiness, not to be confused with a sense of excitement destined to last a few fleeting moments ».

In gallery, here are some of the star nate in Scandinavia. In all likelihood, they are very happy people.

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