The kidnapping of a baby, a DNA test and the touching reunion after 51 years

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A Fort Worth woman learned she was the “Baby Melissa” and was the focus of a search that lasted for decades. “I finally have a mother and a father who want me”, he said. It all started when Melanie Walden received a message on Facebook which questioned her entire life story. At first the woman refused to believe it. “There’s no way it’s me”he told the people who sent it.

The message was sent by two women who said they were sisters her and a man who said he was her father and insisted that Walden had kidnapped when he was 1 year old, in 1971 and that they had spent five decades, almost their entire lives, looking for her. In fact, they told her that they also had information DNA that proved it. Mrs. Walden, 53, who cleans houses and her local church, made her life in Fort Worth after several marriages and three children. “I couldn’t believe something like this,” she said in an interview and broadcast by the New York Times, in an extensive report. The women, Sharon Highsmith and Rebecca Del Bosque, and the man, Jeffrie Highsmith, told Ms. Walden that her real name was Melissa Highsmith – “Baby Melissa” that was on the posters they put up – and that it had been taken by a woman posing as a babysitter in , Fort Worth many decades ago.

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Source: News Beast

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