‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ will have live action and a Mexican will give life to Ikki de Fénix

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Just a few days ago it was announced that Sony is about to work on the film live action from Saint Seiya, thus carrying the history of the acquaintances Knights of the Zodiac to the big screen.

Although fans anime and manga do not have high expectations because other Japanese productions have been brought to the screen without success, it was a surprise that in the cast main, Mexican actor Diego Tinoco was summoned to give life to the legendary Ikki de Fénix. Here we tell you the details about it.

Who is Diego Tinoco?

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Diego Tinoco, 23, was born in California, United States, has Ecuadorian, Colombian and Mexican descent.

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His career in Hollywood is just beginning, but he is already known for playing Cesar Diaz on the series. On My Block. In addition, he participated in the film Welcome to Valhalla and the series Teen Wolf and Drizzle of Hope.

On the other hand, Diego is a member of various groups that fight to promote equality and inclusion, as well as avoid racism towards Latinos. On Instagram he has more than two million followers.

A new adventure is about to begin

Diego Tinoco with Ikki de Fénix;  Diego Tinoco, the Mexican who will play Ikki de Fénix in the movie 'Saint Seiya'

At the moment there are no details on an exact screening or plot date, but due to the title Saint Seiya, the film is believed to show the origin of the Knights of Athena. This means that if the film sticks to Masami Kurumada’s anime and manga, Ikki would be the main villain.

Let us remember that in Saint Seiya (original), Ikki’s mission is to recover the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. In addition, he is the leader of the Black Knights, who face Seiya and the rest of the knights, including Shun of Andromeda, who is his brother.

This would mean a great challenge and responsibility for the Mexican actor, who will surely give his best along with the main cast, formed by Arata Mackenyu as Seiya, Madison Iseman as Saori Kido and Sean Bean as Alman Kido (Mitsumasa’s “spiritual succession”). Kido), to name a few.

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