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The latest sensational transformation of Pierfrancesco Favino

Completely bald no, we hadn’t seen him yet. She thought about it Stefano Sollima to fill the void. In his last work, Slowlyin competition at the Venice Film Festival 2023 and presented today, day four (but who counts them anymore), Pierfrancesco Favino he’s lean but with muscles of steel, and yes, bald. plays romeo, former offender and terminally illwho finds himself caught up in a showdown between a handful of corrupt cops and an old crime buddy, while Rome is engulfed in flames.

As in Commanderanother film – the opening one – in the Mostra in which Favino is the protagonist, the 54-year-old actor towers over the rest of the cast (Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Adriano Giannini and Francesco Di Leva). And he makes you forget that you are an actor helped by a generous dose of make-up and prostheses. It’s-just-Romeo.
We are now accustomed to Pierfrancesco’s incredible metamorphoses. But, for safety and pure pleasure, we retrace the most sensational ones here starting with the most recent.

Che Guevara in Call My Agent – Italy (2023)
In the first season of version made in Sky of the highly acclaimed French series made in Netflix Dix pour cent (Call my agent!), on the infernal everyday life of four managers of cinema and TV artists, Pierfrancesco Favino is Che Guevara, a character he cannot get out of. Beard, mustache, hair, very scruffy lookuniform and that accent a bit like this, between Spanish and Roman.

Bettino Craxi in Hammamet (2020)
This is undoubtedly Favino’s most successful transformation. From voice to posture, including hand movementits membership of theformer socialist leader in Gianni Amelio’s film it is total, sensational, at times impressive. Merit of daily five-hour make-up sessions for two months and of immense preparation. The actor himself said: «I arrived already made up on the set. And the crew looked at me obsequiously, like I was a President. I met an attendant from Craxi, Amida, who was shocked to see me wearing makeup. On the set he was convinced that they had put a voice over me ».

Tommaso Buscetta in Traitor (2019)
The resemblance is astounding: the actor he is identical to Buscetta at any stage of the life of the boss of the two worldswho had to resort to various facial plastics to change the connotations and thus escape the revenge of the mafia killers.

Mimmo in Without any mercy (2014)
It has never been like this wild boar like in debut noir film by Michele Alhaique, where he is Mimmo, the adopted son of the crime family led by Santili, the patriarch. In fact, Favino declared that he was put on 20 kilos for the occasion: double ration of pasta and double ration of chicken even during lunch breaks on set, to give the character more body and more credibility.

Source: Vanity Fair

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