The latest viral makeup tip to come from TikTok: frozen make-up sponges

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Is there an object on this planet that has suffered more torture than the beauty sponge? Seriously – people have stuffed them inside condoms, tried to clean them in the microwave, coated them with lube primer and attempted to replace them with so many nonsense items, including but not limited to eggs, tomatoes and bra inserts. If I were a Beautyblender sponge, I would already be dying.

And that’s not all, because TikTok has given birth to another found to use the Beautyblender, which involves a splash of water and an hour of time in the freezer. The idea is that applying makeup with an icy sponge lends itself to smoother application – and millions of people flocked to see the operation in action. User @gwmakeup popularized the frozen beauty sponge technique with a video that has more than 2.3 million likes, and others, like Briana Pelaez, followed suit with their super watched videos.

The hack, says Pelaez, made her foundation “much more even and long-lasting than when she applied it with the unfrozen sponge, and after a while I had makeup on, I barely touched up and saved a lot. of product “. There’s no denying that the results from these videos look exquisite, but we still had to have this hack reviewed by a make-up artist and a dermatologist to figure out if it works.

In many circumstances, TikTok-viral hacks are dangerous enough to earn a red stamp of disapproval from beauty experts – but the certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD of Connecticut, guarantees that this trick is safe. “I would definitely use [una spugna per il trucco congelata] under the eyes to help decrease swelling while mixing my concealer, ”says ad Allure. “Cold packs, like cucumbers on the eyes in a spa, constrict blood vessels and reduce bags.” That said, he probably wouldn’t use it all over his face: “I’m afraid it might cause irritation or discoloration,” he adds.

Whether or not you decide to freeze your Beautyblender in the ice bin, all that matters is to keep it as clean as possible, keep it out of reach of places full of bacteria, and know when it’s ready to be replaced. (this applies to any beauty sponge or makeup brush). Los Angeles dermatologist Ava Shmaban MD, has previously advised ad Allure: «For brushes and sponges, the rule is that they should be washed regularly and replaced every three months».

Otherwise, apply your make-up to your liking with this refreshing if somewhat nonsense technique. At the very least, your Beautyblender will thank you for not throwing it away and giving it a long life.

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