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The leadership of the Belgian Ecolo party resigned after the strengthening of the right-wing bloc

The leadership of the Ecolo party, the French-speaking part of the Belgian ecological family, announced today, Monday 10/6, its resignation, one of the first tangible consequences of yesterday’s parliamentary elections marked by the strengthening of the right-wing bloc in Belgium. The ecological camp, which had cooperated since 2020 with the outgoing government led by the Flemish liberal Alexander De Croix, is one of the big losers of the parliamentary elections, which were held together with the European elections. The Ecolo party loses ten seats in the federal Parliament, and secures three, compared to 13 previously, according to the final results released this morning. With the addition of the six seats of the Flemish-speaking partner Groen, this political family now has only nine MPs (out of a total of 150) compared to 21 in the outgoing Parliament. “It takes energy, humility and also dignity (…) we have not been able to convince with our proposals, our program,” Jean-Marc Nollet, co-president of Ecolo, told La Première radio station (RTBF). […]
Source: News Beast

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