The lingerie comes out in the open

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That theunderwear can abandon the role that sees him confined under clothes, is not new. Over the years, in fact, bras, body & Co. they “revealed themselves” sparking a see-no-see effect very sexy and provocative. Just think of the lace bralette that have depopulated thanks to Coachella (and then also invaded the streets) or ai body semitrasparenti flaunt it casually under blazers and artfully open shirts.
For the Spring Summer 2021 lingerie instead focuses on aunprecedented attitude: more elegant, minimal and refined even when she opts for embroidery and colorful prints.

The stylists spoke clearly, sending skirts and trousers paired with bras instead of actual tops, bustiers worn with knee-length skirts e satin petticoats from the prints bold.


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As always, then, the celebrities they are pioneers in clearing customs combinations that, to an untrained eye, might seem almost impossible to bring into “real” life. Emily Ratajkowski walking the streets of New York is the perfect example of how a ensemble very simple can be elegant if played strategically with accessories and proportions.

Emily Ratajkowski. Foto Getty.

Al masculine cut blazer, slightly over, the model matches in fact a basic white bra which gives an effect very cool and sought after. Also Bella Hadid perfectly interprets the spirit of this trend, showing off a satin bustier with jeans and sport jacket. Thus choosing on a different sensuality, more spontaneous and careless, far from the style from fatal Woman loved by Kardashian.

Bella Hadid. Getty Photos.

The news is that, this time, balconette e baby doll have put aside their more openly provocative side to focus on clean lines and sophisticated details that make them more like real clothing. The secret to a look also managed off the catwalk? Focus on contrasts, for example wearing structured bustiers with longuette skirts, for a bon ton effect, or with denim stile Hadid. Or even on affinity, choosing bra and pants in the same shade, as if they were a suit.
Another trick to not looking like you just got out of bed is to focus on refined patterns and quality materials. Also fundamental the accessories, which must be chosen specifically to embellish the outfit. To get comfortable with this new trend the first step, of course, is letting go and want to experiment. And choose the right clothes, of course, browsing the opening gallery with the coolest underwear of the moment, perfect even for aperitif time.

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