The lockdown in Auckland is lifted on Sunday

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The New Zealand government will lift its lockdown on Sunday after detecting only one new case of coronavirus in the largest city in the country, Auckland, as stated today by the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

The prime minister imposed seven days lockdown in this city of 2 million inhabitants last Saturday, continuing its “let’s go hard, let’s go on time” approach in dealing with the new coronavirus crisis.

Two more cases of domestic transmission were recorded afterwards, but no new cases have been reported in the last five days, according to AMPE.

“We may not be in the disastrous position in which much of the rest of the world finds itself, but an elimination strategy causes a sense of hard work and it is perfectly normal for someone to feel tired “ Ardern said in a press conference today.

“COVID is hard work for everyone. “Thank you for coping once again,” he added.

Ardern’s approach is credited with making her New Zealand one of the most successful countries in the world in controlling the spread of the new coronavirus. However, the recent closure provoked criticism on social media, as various cultural and sporting events had to be canceled.

Ardern added that Auckland will move to the second level of alarm after the lockdown is lifted at 06:00 local time on Sunday (19:00 Greek time on Saturday), while now it is in the third level of alarm, according to which it is claimed by the world. to stay home when not at work or school.

The rest of the country will move to the first alarm level, which is the lowest.

New Zealand has just over 2,000 cases of New Coronavirus and 26 deaths since COVID-19 since the pandemic broke out.

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