The long French fringe is the trend of summer 2021

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Although the arrival of summer seems not to be the right time to cut the fringe, many have thought about it and even more have done it. Because the French fringe, in a modern version, a little messy, open, effect curtain bangs to Dakota Johnson, continues to earn points. That slightly disheveled look, in the 70s style that lives on the border between the tuft and the fringe, and which when paired with a red lipstick is the height of sexy, also seduced the English actress of Bridgerton Phoebe Dynevor.

Spotted at the London salon Josh Wood Color Atelier went through the hands of the colorist Mads-Sune to turn her hair to copper and then to refresh her look in time for the summer with a curtain fringe, the work of hair stylist Nicholas Hardwick. This retro trend is everywhere at the moment, especially on TikTok, where the most enthusiastic ones cut their own wispy fringe. But we are for the touch of the professional that makes the difference, and it shows, on Phoebe Dynevor’s beautiful auburn hair.

If you are looking for inspiration for the cut of the moment, obviously you should check the source and learn from shabby chic style of the French who know a lot about bangs. Their ability to wear hair slightly undone, effect tousled bed hair, so they say in the technical language of the hair stylists, of the series I threw away the brush and use my hands to untangle the hair, only they know how to make it perfectly. Caroline de Maigret teaches.

1. The longer the hair, the more the sides of the bangs must reach the cheeks, in order to create a more exaggerated and evident arc that frames the face.

2. It is a style low maintenance, but it is necessary to cut the tips regularly at the hairdresser to always have it styled.

3. Darkening it slightly helps thinner hair look thicker and reduces the contrast between the bangs and the lengths.

4. It is important to dry it, even without ironing it, with the hair dryer positioned perpendicular to the fringe, so that the jet of air comes from above to crush it at the roots.

5. To ensure the perfect wispy effect, during styling you can use a mousse to give texture to smoother hair, or a polishing serum can also be used to apply only on the tips if the hair is more frizzy.

In the gallery we have collected photos of French Girl to take fringe lessons.

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