«The Lord of the Rings»: finally Amazon breaks the silence on the series


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Ever since Amazon Prime Video announced a series inspired by The Lord of the Rings, many fans have not resisted the temptation to unravel as many details as possible about the project. Beyond the announcement of the technical and artistic workers, with a cast of 20 main actors, and an overall budget that should be around 500 million dollars, one of the highest ever, it is Prime herself who finally breaks the silence and tells us something more about the series which, as it had been anticipated, will focus on the Second Era of Middle-earth history, that is thousands of years before the events of the saga recounted there The Hobbit and no The Lord of the Rings.

“This epic drama will take viewers back to a time when great powers were forged, kingdoms rose to glory and fell into ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hopes hung by the thinnest threads and the biggest threat never gushed from Tolkien’s pen threatened to cover the world in darkness “ we read in the description of the plot. The reference, of course, is to the figure of Sauron, the first servant of the dark lord Morgoth who, precisely in this period, rises to power and is then defeated at the end of this era, as shown in the first scenes of The Fellowship of the Ring.

There is, however, more: “After an initial period of relative peace, the series follows a group of characters, both familiar and unreleased, as they face the much feared return of evil to Middle-earth. From the dark depths of the Misty Mountains to the majestic forests of the elven capital Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor and the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and protagonists will sculpt a destiny that, after their disappearance, will still live long long”. The meat on the fire looks promising, while the production confirms that filming is still underway in New Zealand: for the most optimistic, the new series inspired by the Talkenian universe could see the light as early as the end of 2021, but it is much more likely that Amazon will still take some time and distribute it directly in 2022.

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