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The love story of Anna Tatangelo and Mattia Narducci is over

Official statements from those directly involved are still missing (assuming they will arrive), but according to the newspaper The messenger the love story between Anna Tatangelo, 37 years old, Mattia Narducci, 27, would have come to an end.

Together for just under a year, the singer and the model would have broken up (after months ago there were rumors of an imminent wedding). Anna Tatangelo, reports The messenger, he intends to dedicate the summer months to the one great love of his life: his son Andreaborn in 2010 from the relationship with him former historian Gigi D’Alessio (with whom Anna broke up in 2020).

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Among the clues that the story of kisses, complicity and passion between Anna Tatangelo and Mattia Narducci has actually been closed are, in order, the fact that she unfollowed the model’s profile and that for several weeks now he has stopped publishing photos or stories of the couple on Instagram.

Tatangelo and Narducci together in February 2024 at the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan.

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Meanwhile, at the end of May the new single by Anna Tatangelo, Mantraswhich – as the singer herself told Ansa, «tells the story of love and an introspective journey to be reborn from pain. When you leave a toxic relationship you need to work on yourself to let go of the bad and preserve the good in the story and, in order to do this, we need to go through the awareness that we can feel good even without the other».

Is every reference purely coincidental? It remains to find out.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Source: Vanity Fair

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