The main crypto events of September

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In the coming month, several events will occur at once, which may affect both the value of individual assets and the market as a whole. RBC Crypto.

September 2, 2022

BEAM hard fork (BEAM)

In early September, the BEAM network will undergo an update at block number 1,920,000. After the hardfork, the reward for creating new confidential assets will be adjusted to 10 BEAM, support for decentralized applications in the Beam wallet will be improved for the Beam Anonymous Naming Service application, and shader capabilities will be added for checking fork height to support features that depend on it.

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The private BEAM blockchain is based on the MimbleWimble protocol and uses the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

September 13, 2022

Secret Network (SCRT) Main Network Update

In mid-September, the Shockwave Delta update will take place on the Secret Network. The update will add support for CosmWasm 1.0, which is a smart contract platform built for the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem. This will allow smart contracts to interact with contracts on other blockchains using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. The ability to use IBC will allow sending SNIP20 and CW20 format tokens, which in turn will allow these tokens to be listed on decentralized and centralized exchanges. It is also planned to update the WebAssembly engine to the Wasmer version and port the Mantlemint solution from the Terra blockchain, which will increase the processing of user requests.

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The Secret Network blockchain was created by MIT alumni and was originally called Enigma. The project aims to solve the privacy problems of blockchain technology and the mass adoption of Web3 applications through private smart contracts.

September 14-15, 2022

Ethereum (ETH) merger

Merge or “Merger”, after which there will be a transition of Ethereum from the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm to the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, is expected between September 14 and 15. On the website you can track the current daily hash rate of the network and the estimated date of reaching TTD – Terminal Total Difficulty (general terminal complexity).

September 14-15, 2022

Forum Blockchain Life 2022

In mid-September, Moscow will host the ninth international forum Blockchain Life. The event is expected to feature a large number of speakers from representatives of the blockchain industry, business and the media. At the stands it will be possible to get acquainted with various projects, and young companies will be able to participate in the startup competition and present their projects.

The event will take place at the Music Media Dome and end with an Afterparty at the Gipsy Club, where FEDUK will perform. You can buy tickets to the forum and find out more information on the official website.

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