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The man who attacked the far-right politician in Mannheim, Germany with a knife, is Afghan

The man who attacked far-right politician Michael Stürzenberger and five other people in Mannheim, Germany, on Friday morning has been identified. This is the 25-year-old Afghan Sulaiman A., while the authorities do not rule out an Islamic motive. According to Der Spiegel magazine, Sulaiman A. was born in Herat, Afghanistan and lived about 40 kilometers from Mannheim, Hesse. Until now he was not known to the authorities as a radicalized or violent Islamist. His target was the participants in the gathering organized today in a central square in Mannheim by the “Pax Europa Citizens Movement”, which rejects political Islam and says it wants to raise awareness in German society about the “existential” danger of Islam. The movement opposes the construction of mosques, demands a ban on prayer and calls for the operation of “re-education camps” for Muslims, considers the Koran “the most dangerous book in the world” and compares it to Adolf Hitler's “My God”. . Michael […]
Source: News Beast

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