The man who broke into Queen Elizabeth’s room


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As one of the most recognizable people in the world, one would expect that her security and protection Queen Elizabeth they are truly invincible. Which is not the case, however, not least for some specific cases where her personal space was violated by “invaders”, as happened with the incident below.

An intruder in Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom with a broken piece of glass ashtray. A description that is more typical of the Cluedo mystery game, however, is absolutely true.

The exact intentions of Michael Fagan when he wandered on Buckingham Palace on July 9, 1982, is vague – even to himself. According to information, according to, the perpetrator jumped over the railings, climbed into a sewer pipe and somehow found his way to the queen’s bedroom, where on the way, he broke a glass ashtray on one of them. vestibules.

“Fagan entered His Majesty’s bedroom at 7:15 p.m. “holding a piece of the broken ashtray with which he said he intended to cut his veins in the presence of His Majesty,” the Times reported. He even claimed that he had not entered the palace with this intention, but it formed in his mind for the first time when he saw the ashtray.

A few minutes later, he pulled back the curtains and found the queen sleeping alone. She successfully delayed him and asked for immediate help. Decades later, Fagan, observing the event from a distance, admitted that this was the second time he had managed to slip into the invincible (?) apartments of Queen Elizabeth within the same month.

The month after the Fagan incident, a woman stormed the Royal Highlands in Scotland, while the Queen was there.

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