The ‘map’ of payments from e-EFKA and DYPA for the week of July 4-8

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An announcement was issued by the Press Office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, according to which 9.3 million euros will be paid to 78,865 beneficiaries during the week of July 4-8 as part of the scheduled e-EFKA and DYPA payments.


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1. From the e-EFKA the following payments will be made next week:

-13.5 million euros to 34,161 beneficiaries for cash benefits (maternity, pregnancy, sickness, accident, funeral expenses)

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-12.3 million euros to 530 beneficiaries following the issuance of one-off decisions

-2.5 million euros to 9,166 beneficiaries for refund of Total Disability allowance and sickness benefits

-339,538 euros to 508 beneficiaries for benefits of the TAVTEKO district

2. From DOUBLE the following payments will be made:

9 million euros to 23,000 beneficiaries for payment of unemployment benefits and other benefits

-21 million euros to 10,000 beneficiaries under subsidized employment programs

-700,000 to 1,500 mothers for subsidized maternity leave

Source: Capital

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