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The Mickoski government was sworn in under the country’s constitutional name “Republic of North Macedonia”

With 77 votes “for” 22 “against” the new government of North Macedonia, led by the right-wing party VMRO-DPMNE and with the leader of this party, Christian Mickoski, as prime minister, received a vote of confidence from its Parliament shortly before midnight North Macedonia. In the swearing-in ceremony that followed the vote of confidence, both Christian Mickoski and the ministers of the new government were sworn in under the country’s constitutional name “Republic of North Macedonia”. “I swear that I will exercise the office of prime minister/minister responsibly and conscientiously, in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia”, exclaimed the prime minister and the ministers of the new government, repeating the oath dictated by the president of the Parliament of North Macedonia, Afrim Gassi. Christian Mickoski, in his retrial, shortly before the vote of confidence in his government, justifying his choice to be sworn in as Prime Minister of North Macedonia, described as “disgraceful” the designation “North” in the country’s constitutional name […]
Source: News Beast

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