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The micron mutation ‘cut’ VAT and VAT revenues in January

By Tasos Dasopoulos

Indirect taxes (VAT and VAT) are mainly due to the backlog of tax revenues by 280 million euros in January, due to the restrictive measures imposed to address the “micron” mutation of the coronavirus.

According to the GLC data, the amount of net revenues of the state budget amounted to 3,855 million euros, showing a decrease of 610 million euros or 13.7% compared to the estimate for the corresponding period included in the budget report 2022 This decrease is mainly due to the reduced revenues from Taxes, as well as from the PDE.

Total state budget revenues amounted to € 4,087 million, down € 664 million or 14% from the target.

Tax revenue amounted to € 3,832 million, down € 280 million or 6.8% from the target set out in the 2022 Budget Report. obligations in the areas affected by the snowfall and frost of 24 January 2022, which had a deadline of 31 January. With the exception of this extension and based on the available revenue data until 4 February, it is estimated that the tax revenue for January exceeded the target by approximately EUR 100 million.

In particular, in the period of January 2022, the following are observed for the main taxes of this category:

VAT revenues amounted to 1,526 million euros and are reduced against the target by 212 million euros.
Revenue of EFK amounted to 503 million euros and is reduced against the target by 65 million euros.
Real estate tax revenues amounted to 220 million euros and are lower than the target by 4 million euros.
Revenue tax revenues amounted to 1,150 million euros, almost as much as the target.

Revenues in the “Social Contributions” category amounted to 5 million euros according to the target.

Revenue from transfers amounted to EUR 10 million, reduced by EUR 392 million compared to the target set out in the 2022 Budget Report. EUR 393 million against the target.

. Revenue from “Sales of goods and services” amounted to € 64 million, up € 15 million from the target set in the 2022 Budget Report.

. Revenue in the category “Other current revenue” amounted to EUR 172 million, down by EUR 11 million compared to the target set out in the 2022 Budget Report. Of the EUR 172 million, EUR 65 million relates to EDP revenue. , which are € 35 million higher than the target.

. Revenue from “Assets sales” was € 4 million, up € 4 million from the target set in the 2022 Budget Report.

Revenues amounted to € 232 million, down € 54 million from the target (€ 285 million).

The total revenue of the Public Investment Budget (PIP) amounted to 67 million euros, reduced by 358 million euros from the target (425 million euros).

The State Budget expenditures for the period January 2022 amounted to 5,054 million euros and are reduced by 1,654 million euros compared to the target (6,708 million euros), which is included in the presentation report of the 2022 Budget.

With a deficit of € 280 million in revenue and expenditure of € 1,654 million, the primary result was a surplus of € 15 million, compared to a target for a primary deficit of € 1,145 million and a primary deficit of € 1,473 million for the same period. in 2021.

Source: Capital

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