The Minister announced three permanent pension increases. Work

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Three permanent pension increases were announced by the Labor Minister, Kostis Hatzidakis, speaking in the morning on SKAI television.

Mr. Hatzidakis emphasized that after 12 years the pensions will “unfreeze” from 1-1-2023. The rate of increase is determined by the increase in GDP and the increase in the price index, with these two added and divided by two.

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“The conclusion is then that as one size and the other will be significant and the increases in pensions will be significant,” he noted and added that the vast majority of retirees will see significant increases in their pockets, while for a portion of retirees , the increases will “gnaw away” at the personal difference and will be in a favorable position for the next increase.

The second part, regarding the automatic pension increase for those who complete thirty years of work, Mr. Hatzidakis emphasized that it is “the so-called fourth installment of the recalculation of the Vroutsis law. It is a correction of the injustice of the Katrougalos law”.

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A third increase in pensioners’ income results from the abolition of the solidarity levy, from which, according to the Minister of Labour, more than one million pensioners, with an income of more than 12,000 euros, will benefit.

Mr. Hatzidakis left open the possibility of granting an emergency allowance to low pensioners, saying that such a measure will be decided at the end of the year.

“I tell you that we have to reach the end of the year and see how things will develop… who knows how electricity prices will develop. How will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine develop…”, he emphasized and added that the government is not giving away to no one in the opposition the monopoly of sensitivity for the low-paid and low-pensioners.

Source: Capital

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