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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany emphasizes that North Macedonia is bound by the Prespa Agreement

North Macedonia is bound by International Law by the “Prespa Agreement”, said a representative of the German Foreign Ministry, answering a question from APE-MPE regarding the use by the newly elected President of the country, Gordana Silianovska-Davkova, of the term “Macedonia” in her swearing-in. The representative also emphasized that “it is important that North Macedonia continues its path towards the EU and implements the required reforms”. “Here things are very clear: There is an agreement of International Law, the so-called Prespa Agreement, with Greece and North Macedonia is bound by it according to International Law,” said ministry spokesman Christian Wagner, while being asked to comment on whether there could be consequences for North Macedonia's accession process to the European Union, he limited himself to stating that he did not wish to take a position on “potentially hypothetical” issues. He underlined however that “it is obvious that the Western Balkans should become part of the EU” and that “we as a federal government are very active […]
Source: News Beast

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