The ministry wrote its own open source license

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The OpenNET resource discovered in the Git repository “Data marts NSUD”, a software package developed by order of the Ministry of Digital Development, a license agreement referred to as “State Open License”.

Its text is written entirely in Russian. According to the terms, it is close to the MIT license, allowing the distribution of original or modified software on the territory of Russia and the EAEU member states under the same or any other license.

According to OpenNET, there are controversial points in the “State License” regarding the extension of its terms to the compiled program:

Thus, the source code is defined as “a computer program in the form of a text in a programming language that can be read by a human”, which does not necessarily imply the possibility of obtaining executable code from it, and also the fact that this code is not generated from the real source code (that is, the code in the preferred form for making changes).

The license has already reached version 1.1, but version 1.0 is still mentioned in the explanation. Also in the files LICENSE,, NOTICE, at the time of this writing, you can find the old name of the license:

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