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The moment a bird lands on a reporter’s head at the White House

An unexpected event happened to NewsNation reporter Kelly Meyer when she was about to go on the air and report. Suddenly, a bird “landed” on her head while she was preparing for the live broadcast in the White House garden. Kelly Meyer appears startled and bent down to realize what had happened: “Oh my God, it landed on me,” she said, and the pigeon flew away. She began to style her hair as she tried to gather her words… “Yeah, I’m fine,” she told her crew as she tried to joke about her ordeal and regain her composure. The journalist shared the controversial clip on Twitter. “Guys, I know there was a lot of news today, but a bird landed on my head at the White House right before I went live on NewsNation,” he wrote. “He really wanted to come out in public. The camera captured the event and saved it for your enjoyment of course.” However, there were many who recognized […]
Source: News Beast

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