The most popular emoticons of 2021 have been named. There is not a single sad one in the top ten πŸ˜‚

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The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that approves character encoding standards, has published data on the most popular emojis of 2021. The most interesting thing is that the top ten looks almost the same as in 2019. Last year, the organization decided not to release such a report due to the pandemic.

So, the first place was again taken by the smiley πŸ˜‚ (“Tears of joy”). It accounts for 5% of all emojis used this year, although many Gen Zers consider it completely inappropriate. By the way, Tears of Joy was also voted the most used emoji on Twitter last year. The only emoji that can compete with him is ❀️.

The top 10 most popular emoticons this year looks like this: πŸ˜‚ ❀️ 🀣 πŸ‘ 😭 πŸ™ 😘 πŸ₯° 😍 😊. And in 2019, the top ten looked like this: πŸ˜‚ ❀️ 😍 🀣 😊 πŸ™ πŸ’• 😭 😘 πŸ‘. It is easy to see that these are all the same emoticons with one exception – instead of πŸ’• now πŸ₯°.

Among the categories, the most popular were faces, hands, plants and emotions. Country flags were the least used, although this category is the largest in the collection of emoticons (258 pieces). The greatest growth in popularity was shown by πŸŽ‚ (113-25), 🎈 (139-48) and πŸ₯Ί (97-14). As COVID-19 continues to be a part of our daily lives, health-related emojis have also been used a lot. However, only two emojis (πŸ₯΅ and πŸ₯΄) made it to the Top 100 this year. It’s nice to know that, despite all the events and shocks, people are more likely to use positive emoticons.

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