The most popular politician in Germany with a popularity that surpasses Merkel


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THE Markus Zender, Prime Minister of Bavaria and candidate for the anointing of the Christian Union (CDU / CSU), is currently the most popular politician in Germany, surpassing even the Chancellor Angela Merkel. His opponent, on the other hand, is the leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). Armin Lassett, occupies only the 12th place.

In a poll conducted by the Insa Institute on behalf of the BILD newspaper, as broadcast by AMPE, in third place is the former leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Left Zara Wagenknecht, who left her party and now reappears with a book, in which she succeeds against her former comrades, followed by Vice Chancellor Olaf Soltz (SPD) and the two Presidents of the Greens, Robert Hubbek and Analena Burbock, in fifth and sixth place respectively.

The leader of the Liberals (FDP) Christian Lindner Health Minister Jens Span (CDU) is ranked seventh and eighth. The “big losers” of the ranking are described as Armin Lasset, who is in 12th place with a loss of three points, and Defense Minister Annegret Krab-Karenbauer, who falls in 19th place, with a loss of one point.

In front of the deputies the claimants of the anointing of the Christian Union – How the “camps” are formed

With the participation of the two candidates for the anointing, Armin Lasset and Marcus Zender, in tonight’s meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the Christian Union (CDU / CSU), The “battle” officially begins for the nomination of the candidate, who will undertake to lead the parties of the center-right in the first elections after the “Merkel era”.

As reported by AMPE, on Monday, the leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) Armin Lasset received the support of his party presidency, while later in the evening the same happened with the presidency of the Christian Social Union (CSU), which expressed its full support for the leader Markus Zender. But even before the official announcement of the two nominations for the anointing, Christian Union officials rushed to side with one side or the other.

Mr. Lassett seems to rely mainly on the old guard of the faction, but also on party mechanisms. He has so far been favored by Federal Parliament Speaker Wolfgang Schieble, who believes the chancellor can only come from the Union’s “big” party, the CDU, as well as Hesse Prime Minister Volker Buffier. Support for Armin Lasset has long been expressed by Health Minister Jens Span, who even “came down” at the recent party congress as a “team” with him. However, his opponent in the Congress and a big “loser”, Friedrich Mertz, also supported the candidacy of the CDU leader. In addition, local organizations in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg have sided with Mr. Lassett.

Marcus Zeder, on the other hand, relies more on the “air” that his candidacy has gained in public opinion, with polls that wanted him to be overwhelmingly ahead before even announcing his intention to claim the anointing. This climate seems to affect, as is logical, many members of the Christian Democrats. In addition to his party, the Bavarian prime minister may be relying on the support of CDU Christian Democrats’s Christian Democrats, who are seeking the involvement of lawmakers in the election, which Armin denies. Laser. In addition, the first local CDU organization in favor of Mr. Zender was that of Berlin, to be followed by the Thuringian organization.

The final decision on who will run for chancellor on behalf of the Christian Union in the September 26 elections is expected by the end of the week.

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