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The museums of the world in Paris: what not to miss in the city

How to experience the most fashionable city, which are the museums of the world in Paris not to be missed? Guests of Castille Parisan elegant boutique hotel that combines Parisian charm with Italian style, we explored the first arrondissement and surroundings of the Ville Lumière in turmoil in view of this summer’s Olympics. The city is changing shape to make room for the structures that will host the games, also taking the opportunity to create cycle paths for the increasingly numerous citizens who choose to use bicycles and live a greener lifestyle.

In the surrounding area, first arrondissement to discover the places of fashion

We are in the first arrondissement, the heart of Parisian fashion and culture. Leaving the hotel we find ourselves right next to the historic one Maison Chanel, the atelier where Coco Chanel opened her first hat shop in 1910. The famous spiral staircase designed by Coco Chanel herself, who during the fashion show sat high up and away from prying eyes, thanks to the play of mirrors, was able to observe the reaction of customers and journalists during the fashion shows.

Staircase Maison Chanel, Paris @roberta.damore

roberta d’Amore

In a few steps we are at Place Vendome, a square symbol of Parisian elegance, which resembles a treasure chest, so many beauties it contains. Especially jeweler. In fact, at the end of the eighteenth century it was the area dedicated to the artisans who guarded the art of know-how (from the French façon, way of doing things, which will later become fashion).

Atelier Schiapparelli
Atelier SchiapparelliChristophe Coënon – Matthieu Salavaing

Atelier Schiapparelli, Place Vendôme, Paris @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

At number 21 Place Vendôme you will find the Schiaparelli Couture House, right at the address where Elsa Schiaparelli opened her boutique and ateliers on 1 January 1935. You can still feel the friendship and intellectual exchange that linked the designer to surrealist artists such as Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dalì, Jean-Michel Frank and Diego Giacometti. The symbols of the Maison such as the padlock and the eye recall the past in a modern key, for a ready-to-couture, cross between ready-to-wear And haute couture.

Atelier Schiapparelli fashion Paris

Atelier Schiapparelli in Place Vendôme @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

We continue towards i passage turns, covered galleries born at the end of the 1700s which became more and more numerous in the mid-1800s. The passages were loved and frequented by the workers of the nascent bourgeoisie who took advantage of the possibility of shopping and frequenting the cafés sheltered from the rain. Today in passage you can admire the windows of small artisans, often with exposed workshops, antique shops, collectibles or emerging brands.

Paris fashion Passage Couvert

Shop in a couvert passage @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

For fans of vintage a must is a tour under the elegant colonnade of the Palais Royal. A visit from Gabrielle Geppert and Didier Ludot, two friperieshops second hand specializing in luxury vintage, they are a way to take a journey through the history of French haute couture, among clothes by Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Hermes leather goods and collectibles.

Palais Royal Paris

Palais Royal @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

Galerie Dior Paris
Galerie Dior Paris

In 10 minutes by car you can reach the eighth arrondissement to visit the Galerie Dior. This is where the Maison was born and reinvented itself in March 2022. An exhibition space dedicated to beauty, which traces the history of the Maison and its designers. A place to dream and be inspired. An enchanted garden, the first fitting room, exceptional pieces, sketches, newspaper articles and film clips. The visit begins and ends with the astonishing spiral staircase surrounded by 452 miniatures of clothes representing the brand’s most iconic productions.

The Castille Paris – Starhotels Collection

Entering the Castille Paris the sensation is of being catapulted into a place with an ancient soul. A mix of warm colors welcome us in an intimate and refined environment. An elegant Carthusian cat, the hotel’s mascot, lets itself be petted and cuddled by guests.

The three period buildings in Rue Cambon they take their name from the owner, descendant of a noble Spanish family who emigrated to France, who at the beginning of the 1900s decided to pay homage to his origins. The location is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves from the first moment in the beauty of the historic center of Paris, visit the Louvre, the Palais Royal with its splendid gardens on foot or go shopping.

The estrosa was inaugurated in recent days Grand Tour Suite, a tribute to the wonder of the Grand Tour of the late nineteenth century. Exuberant and full of details, it was designed by Studio Marie Martin, known for the extravagance of its style, the use of contrasting colors and fine fabrics.

Grand Tour Suite Castille Paris Starhotels Paris Collection

Grand Tour Suite, Castille Paris

Gianni Buonsante

Great Italian cuisine in the heart of Paris

After a stimulating day around the city, with lunch in a brasserie for a quick Croque Monsieur (excellent that of Le petit Flottes), it’s a cookies by Cédric Grolet, an authentic Italian dinner is a real treat. In a refined setting with an intimate atmosphere, The L’Assaggio restaurant it makes us feel like we are in Italy, more precisely in Piedmont. The chef Sasha Arandjelovic and his young brigade interpret Piedmontese specialties in a balanced mix of tradition and innovation. The menu bears the signature of Ugo AlciatiMichelin star at the helm of the historic “Guido Ristorante” in Serralunga d’Alba.

Agnolotti L'Assagio Restaurant Castille Paris food

The agnolotti from l’Assaggio

Le Photographe du Dimanche

Between the dishes signature to try Lidia’s agnolotti, memory of a recipe from Ugo Alciati’s mother. Excellent in the napkin version, i.e. dry and served on a cotton or linen napkin, and in the version seasoned with roast sauce. The veal with tuna sauce, in the Alciati version, with the sauce inside or the poached egg with asparagus, parmesan fondue and black truffle for those who prefer to avoid meat. To close the dinner, the fior di latte with salted caramel and meringues are not to be missed.

Discovering artistic and cultural treasures

Walk from the Castille hotel it is possible to reach theOpera Garnierhistoric Paris Opera theater built between 1860 and 1875. With chandeliers of crystal, velvet, marble and golden surfaces, the Palais Garnier offers a magical atmosphere in which to experience especially ballets, while most of the singing shows are held at the new Opéra Bastille theatre. The Palais can be visited and, when rehearsals are not in progress, it is possible to admire the splendid painting by Chagall that decorates the dome.

A picture taken on May 17 2018 shows the stage and the Chagall's frescoes painted on the ceiling of the Opera Garnier in...
A picture taken on May 17, 2018 shows the stage and the Chagall’s frescoes painted on the ceiling of the Opera Garnier in Paris. (Photo by GERARD JULIEN / AFP) (Photo credit should read GERARD JULIEN/AFP via Getty Images)GERARD JULIEN/Getty Images

Keep an eye on the exhibitions at MAD, Musée des Arts décoratifs, which offers interesting programming all year round. The exhibition Iris van Herpen “Sculpting the Senses” it catapults us into a futuristic concept of nature and makes us reflect on the problems of our time, showcasing clothes created with eco-responsible production methods, creations made with recycled plastic or 3D printed cocoa beans. The “craftvolution”, is based on the combination of craftsmanship and new technologies, intertwining high fashion with the future, paving the way for more responsible alternatives.

Iris van Herpen “Sculpting the Senses” Paris MAD Muse des Arts dcoratifs

Iris van Herpen’s exhibition “Sculpting the Senses” at MAD @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

At the Trading Exchange – Pinault Collection the exhibition “The world as it goes” takes us back to the upheavals of our reality. “Incomprehensible men”, as Voltaire’s narrator exclaims in the story from which this exhibition takes its title, “how can you put together so much baseness and so much greatness, so many virtues and so many crimes?”. The feeling felt while observing these works created mostly between the 1980s and today is a mixture of enchantment, stupor and anxiety, between destruction, construction and ghosts of the past.

Pinault Collection Paris stock exchange

Trading Exchange – Pinault Collection @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

In Place de la Concorde it is possible to visit theHôtel de la Marine, a majestic neoclassical palace restored in 2017 that opened for the first time since the French Revolution in June 2021. This splendid architectural complex, built between 1757 and 1774, was initially intended for the maintenance of royal works of art, including the Crown Jewels. The visit offers a truly immersive experience. The interactive headphones involve visitors who, walking through the corridors and rooms, are projected into the life of the palace, enjoying one of the most beautiful views of Paris.

Finally, the Orsay Museum it’s always a good idea. Paris 1874, Inventing impressionism, on display until 14 July 2024, celebrates 150 years since the first impressionist exhibition held in 1874 in Paris. A journey of 130 works puts paintings and sculptures into perspective, highlighting the modernity of a movement and a group of young talents in an artistic spring that would change history.

Source: Vanity Fair

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