«The music that goes around», the return to Rai of Fiorella Mannoia


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“Mina.” The first thought of Fiorella Mannoia, when in 2017 she was offered RaiUno on Saturday evening, she went to the Tigre in Cremona. “For years, she was the sole star of public television. I myself grew up with his programs. I felt a great sense of responsibility on me, ”confessed the singer, who three years after that first anxiety would return to occupy the place that once belonged to Mina, not on Saturday, but on Friday on Rai. Fiorella Mannoia, which the director of RaiUno, Stefano Coletta, has confirmed protagonist together with Maria De Filippi of an evening for women, to be broadcast on 9 March (“Although the agenda is marked by precariousness”), she was commissioned to inaugurate the musical entertainment of the first channel with an unreleased show.

A show event in just two episodes, halfway between musicality and acting.

The music that goes around, broadcast on 15 and 22 January, at 9.25pm ​​on RaiUno, is intended to be the celebration of the element that permeates life, subtle and omnipresent. “There are songs that evoke memories, others that are known despite never having bought that disc. The music is always there, ”said Mannoia, who will have a myriad of artists next to her on stage, so great“ that Sanremo is envious of ”. For the first episode, the artist will confront – among others – Claudio Baglioni, Giorgia, Ambra Angiolini, Marco Mengoni, Marco Giallini, Edoardo Leo, Antonello Venditti, Luciano Ligabue e Francesco De Gregori. Ivano Fossati, however, will not be there. “I called him to tell him we were going to use the title of his song to name the program. I tried to ask him if he wanted to participate, but he said to me: “I’m so happy at home” “, said Mannoia, who in the second episode of the show will have sugar, first and only known name.

Although rumors say that Amadeus will intervene in it The music that goes around, certainties on the guests of the second and last episode have not been given. “I can’t spoil everything,” laughed Mannoia, whom the network director called “a perfect match of musical talent and strength, that typical of a woman with balls ». «Fiorella Mannoia is the Weight of courage. She knew how to take a stand in her time without ever losing elegance and kindness, qualities that often make a difference in carrying on their battles “, explained Coletta, while Mannoia told how difficult it was to perform in front of an audience empty. “Working without an audience is unnatural”, the comment of the singer, who during the virtual press conference confessed that she wanted to return to the cinema.

“I would like to repeat the experience with Michele Placido, but no one calls me,” he said, before telling how the actors chosen for The music that goes around have been commissioned to perform, including songs and monologues that will touch (also) the closest actuality, “To say something profound, albeit lightly, in this time bastard».

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