The mystery of beauty is revealed at night

The mystery of beauty is revealed at night

Sleep betrays. It prevents us from witnessing the miracle of the night, that precious moment of existence in which nothing seems to happen, and instead everything happens. Life happens.

The senses are ignited, creativity is activated, dreams are spread, the skin is regenerated. All comforted by the depth of darkness. It is there, in that cobalt blue kingdom that calms the light of day, which manifests the elusive, which reveals the unpredictable.

A world dear to the researchers of La prairie who, after probing far and wide the boundaries of the night, discovered an unexpected component of caviar, known for its unmatched smoothing effect, but difficult to capture. In fact, this molecule only lives in the dark and ceases to exist at the first flashes of light. A real challenge for the Swiss company, but completed thanks to the design of a special extraction process, through which it was possible retain and preserve the combination of retinol and caviar lipids, the so-called Caviar Retinol.

Exclusive to the Swiss brand, this precious blend harnesses the smoothing potential of caviar which is released completely only during the night. That is, the moment when the skin abandons its defenses, loses hydration, letting the cells renew themselves. This is where the new Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, imbued with Caviar Retinol, unleashes its power. Designed to work in conjunction with the skin’s natural circadian rhythms, it helps counteract the effects of aging, while its oil texture creates an immediate and temporary external barrier to minimize moisture loss. Designed as the last gesture of the Skin Caviar ritual for the night, its formula allows you to retain the active ingredients of previous treatments, intensifying the results of the ritual. The skin appears firmer, rejuvenated and smooth.

To make it even more precious is its packaging. Kept inside a black casket, the luxurious oil is embraced by a jar cobalt blue. A point of intense blue, conceived by Niki de Saint Phalle as the dress with the chromatic force and symbolic scope of the entire line Skin Caviar of the Luxury House. A reassuring nuance, a reflection of a suspended world, almost halfway between the dreamlike and the real, brought to life by «Sense of Blue», the work by the French artist Maotik, enlisted by La Prairie to artistically shape its complexity.

The installation, one of the protagonists of Art Basel 2021, scheduled in Basel on 24 and 25 September, is a digital journey into the bowels of the night, where motion sensors, video projections and algorithms remain hidden within an invisible frame to offer an immersive sensory experience. “As visitors progress through the installation, my aim is to arouse curiosity, surprise, meditation and invite the audience to participate. By involving their senses, I change their perspective of reality and allow them to live a unique and amplified Cobalt Night experience »says the artist.

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A play of sparkling effects, which drags the viewer into the evening light, serves as a prologue. Then comes the time when the time fades and dreams come, one at a time and then vanish. Flashes of light multiply and pulsate in an inconstant rhythm. Finally, in the dead of night, the shining center emerges: a luminous circle tinged with cobalt blue shines in contrast with the surrounding darkness. A point of serenity that at the sight increases in intensity with every movement.

A sensory journey that condenses the power of science and the power of nature. Two different worlds, apparently distant, yet so inevitably in dialogue with each other. Precisely that same dialogue which has been at the heart of La Prairie since 1931 and which today finds its highest expression in the beauty of the night.