The mystery of the murder of a young woman who was found dead in a forest 33 years ago

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Veil of mystery covers the tragic case of a young German woman, who was found murdered in a forest Northern Ireland. The body of 18-year-old Inga Maria Hauser from Munich was found 33 years ago and until today her family is asking for an investigation to give answers.

No one has ever been blamed for her death. She was last seen on a ship two weeks ago, on April 6. He did not take the train to Belfast as he had planned.

Last July, the prosecutor’s office ruled that two people would not be prosecuted for her death. It was preceded by the filing of a file by the police for the case.

The police, however, declare their commitment to bring the murderers of the young girl to justice.

Hauser’s mother died in 2019 and her father in 2006. None of them ever found out who killed their daughter.

Friederike’s sister and Viktor’s nephew are seeking justice for her today.

Politician John Dallat, who has passed away, worked to keep the case public so that her family could get the answers they were looking for. Helena Dallat O’Driscoll’s daughter says people “wanted to see an end to this ruthless murder”. “Dad’s last work was a press release, written by a weak hand a few weeks before we lost him, to mark the anniversary of her death and to appeal to those who had information about her. murder to go out and talk. “

“The Hauser family has suffered for 30 years in a row. “Inga Maria was a young woman who was much loved when she came to Northern Iceland in the late 1980s.”

Family lawyer Claire McKeegan said “in the absence of any criminal prosecution, they have an obligation to investigate any suspected deaths in Northern Ireland”.

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