The new Board of Directors of Eurosad

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The new board of directors of the company Eurosybouloyli was formed in a body which elects from the 1st Repeat General Meeting. of 12.7.2021.

The appointment of independent members of the Board was done as law 4706/2020 stipulates by the 1st Repetitive Tactics of the General Assembly. of 12.7.2021

Therefore, all the members of the Board of Directors, which has been elected by the First Repeat Tactical General Meeting, were present. of 12.7.2021 with a four-year term starting from today, to manage the company until the day of convening the Annual Ordinary General Meeting that will convene within the first half of 2025 and not later than 10.9.2025, to approve its financial statements of use 2024.

The Board of Directors unanimously assigned to its members the qualities of Executive and Non-Executive Member, according to article 5 of law 4706/2020, as follows:

1) Paris Kokorotsikos of Stergios, Executive Member.

2) Efstathios Tavridis son of Gabriel, Executive Member.

3) Anestis Keremloglou of Antonios, Non-Executive Member.

4) Evangelos Poulios of Nikolaos, Non-Executive Member.

5) Petros Iakovou of Nikolaos, Non-Executive Member.

6) Aifantopoulou Georgia of Vassilios, Non-Executive Member.

7) Eleni Tzakou of Alkiviadis, Non-Executive Member.

Subsequently, the Board of Directors was formed and elected unanimously as Chairman of the Board and CEO Mr. Kokorotsikos, as Vice Chairman and CEO Mr. Efstathios Tavridis and as Non-Executive Vice Chairman of the Board. according to article 8 par. 2 of law 4706/2020 Mr. Evangelos Poulios. The Board of Directors also, in accordance with the relevant articles of the company’s articles of association, unanimously decided to delegate the exercise of its powers and the representation of the company to its President and CEO Mr. Paris Kokorotsikos and to the Vice President and CEO Mr. Efstathios. or separately by their signature below the company name, will bind the company.

Following these, the full composition and qualities of the members of the Board. are as follows:

1. Paris Kokorotsikos of Stergios and Marika, Executive Member, President and CEO and Legal Representative.

2. Efstathios Tavridis of Gabriel and Alice, Executive Member, Vice President and CEO and Legal Representative.

3. Evangelos Poulios of Nikolaos and Irini, Independent Non-Executive Member, Non-Executive Vice President of the Board.

4. Anestis Keremloglou of Antonios and Evangelia, Independent Non-Executive Member

5. Petros Iakovou of Nikolaos and Kaiti, Independent Non-Executive Member.

6. Georgia Aifantopoulou of Vassilios and Nafsika, Independent Non-Executive Member.

7. Eleni Tzakou of Alkiviadis and Elli, Independent Non-Executive Member.

According to the approved by the First Repeat Meeting of 12.7.2021: – Corporate Governance Code, – Rules of Procedure of the Audit Committee, – Rules of Operation of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, – Suitability Policy, according to law 4706/2020 and in accordance with the decisions of the 1st Repeat Ordinary General Meeting of 12.7.2021, which decided the Committees to be composed of Members of the Board. The Board of Directors has started the process for the election of the Independent Non-Executive Members, who will staff the Committees of the Board.

For this reason, the Board took into account the relevant proposal of the Nominations Committee, which presents the candidates for the staffing of the Committees as well as the reasoning of their election. It is noted that for the election of the independent non-executive members who are candidates for the staffing of the Committees, namely:

1. Anesti Keremloglou,

2. Evangelos Pouliou,

3. Petros Iakovou,

4. Georgia Aifantopoulou and

5. Eleni Tzakou,

has already been ascertained by the General Assembly. the suitability of each of them, as well as that there are no obstacles or incompatibilities in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code, the Suitability Policy and the Internal Operating Regulations of the company, as well as with the provisions of law 4706/2020. The above are also re-certified by the Board.

From the CVs and the statements of the Members, which is at the disposal of the Board, it was found that:

a) All members have full knowledge of the company’s field of activity.

b) At least 2 Members, ie Messrs. Petros Iakovou and Anestis Keremloglou have sufficient knowledge and experience in Auditing. This is substantiated by the fact that both Messrs. Petros Iakovou and Anestis Keremloglou have been Chairs of the Audit Committees listed on the ATHEX. companies and have many years of experience in the establishment, operation and supervision of the Internal Audit Department of Listed Companies, exercising their relevant audit duties. In addition, the Board of Directors considers that the above qualifications of Messrs. Petrou Iakovou and Anesti Keremloglou are additionally documented by the fact that the election and the stay of both in their previous positions as Chairmen of the Audit Committee (the first of AS Company and the second of Eurosymbouloi SA), has been checked for suitability. of their qualifications and the sufficient knowledge and experience of auditing, by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission in the previous years.

c) All members fully meet all the terms and conditions of the approved Eligibility Policy

Following these, the BoD unanimously elected from among its members, the members a) of the Audit Committee and b) of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

The term of office of the above Committees is equivalent to the term of the Board.

The composition of these Committees is as follows:

The Audit Committee will consist of the Independent Non-Executive Members of the Board:

1. Petros Iakovou

2. Anesti Keremloglou

3. Evangelos Poulios

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee will consist of the Independent Non-Executive Members of the Board:

1. Evangelos Poulios

2. Georgia Aifantopoulou

3. Eleni Tzakou

Minutes were kept by the Committees for the above meetings of the Committees.


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