The new build of Windows 11 introduces the effect of acrylic material: what it looks like

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Yesterday, July 15, developers from Microsoft officially presented a new preview build of the Windows 11 operating system called Insider Preview Build 22000.71 – it is available to everyone who subscribes to the Dev branch. Naturally, the developers did not make any drastic changes, since the main emphasis was placed on fixing bugs and minor improvements in the visual style of the system.

For example, a new entertainment widget was introduced – it allows you to display new and featured movies in a compact format, which are still available for purchase in the Microsoft Store. Having scrolled through the list of films presented, the user can click on the selected option and go to the company’s digital store to get a full description of the picture and, if all goes well, purchase the film for his personal collection. It should be noted that at the moment the entertainment widget is available only in the USA, Great Britain, California, Germany, France, Australia and Japan – it will not work in Russia.

Additionally, the developers have updated the visual style of drop-down context menus – they were previously presented in the standard general style of the system, but now the design of the acrylic material is used. Some details about the development of this interface style have already been written on the official Microsoft website, and now, apparently, this is the new standard for Windows 11.

Also, the developers are actively testing the SplitButton button (an interface element divided into two parts – one half behaves like a standard button, the second calls a drop-down menu) for the function of creating new folders and files.

At the end of the list of important changes in the new assembly is the preview on the taskbar – when the mouse hovers over the icon of the running application in the taskbar, the user will see a small window displaying the content in the application.

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