The new moves of Maria Angelikoussi and Nikola Martinou in the tankers

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Of George Georgiou

Deals in the tankers sector have been “sealing” big names in the Greek shipping industry lately, at a time when analysts and companies estimate that the long-awaited recovery of fares is not far off.

Initially, the brokerage Seasure Shipbroking connects the Maran Tankers of Maria Angelikoussi with the sale of the super tanker (VLCC) “Maran Corona”, with a capacity of 306,100 dwt and built in 2003.

The transaction is presented as complete, while the said ship is no longer included in the list of the company’s fleet, which is posted on its website.

The price is reportedly set at $ 26.5 million, close to the value of the ship, as it is currently depicted by VesselsValue ($ 27.7 million). Shipping brokers explain to that the price is in line with market levels for an old VLCC.

According to Seasure, however, the tanking of the ship is imminent. A tanker, brokers explain, can cost between $ 1.5 million and $ 3 million if the steamer needs to be reinforced with the right components to meet modern standards, a condition that affects its value and final sale price. However, it is not certain if something similar will happen with “Maran Corona”.

Maran Tankers is in the process of renewing its fleet, selling older tankers, while also placing orders for new ones. Earlier in the summer, he raised about $ 29 million for the Maran Triton (similar to the Maran Corona).

Various brokerage firms have recorded the sale of several old VLCCs, aged 18-22, to the company in recent months. According to the new data, the oldest steamer of the fleet was built in 2004 and two more follow with a year of construction in 2005.

On the other hand, as has been said, shipping is particularly active in shipbuilding. From January to the end of October, it ordered four ships, spending a total of $ 417 million.

These are, according to information, super-tankers with dual fuel engines, which are expected to be delivered in 2023.

Maran Tankers fleet consists, according to its website, of 53 tankers, without the units under construction. This is the tanker arm of the Aggelikoussis group, under whose “umbrella” there are more than 140 steamers.

The Thenamaris market

The Seasure Shipbroking report also states that Nicolas Martinou’s Thenamaris bought the 158,300 dwt suezmax “Densa Whale” built in 2012 for $ 32 million. The value of the ship is estimated by VesselsValue at $ 31.1 million.

According to shipping broker Allied Shipbroking, a decade suezmax is currently valued at around $ 32.5 million, so the price for the “Densa Whale” is in line with market conditions.

Seasure reports that this steamer will soon undergo a special inspection (survey) and tanking.

Thenamaris has entered into several sales and shipbuilding deals this year. Last August, several shipping brokers linked the shipping company to the sale of one of the oldest ships in its fleet.

The reason for the aframax “Seafalcon”, with a capacity of 112,700 dwt and built in 2002. The deal is said to have closed at 13.5 million dollars, an amount high enough for its features.

The company manages a fleet of 103 ships, of which 61 are tankers, 20 bulk carriers, while it is also active in containerships and LNG-LPG carriers. At the same time, a shipbuilding program of nine ships is “running”, the majority of which are tankers.

The freight market

The tanker market is moving at subdued levels today. Following the upward trend during October, activity remains mild in November, with analysts placing the recovery in the first quarter of 2022. The smaller figures so far appear to have been won, while in VLCCs, the average daily fare on several routes is still negatively.

However, Nikola Tsakos’ Tsakos Energy Navigation announced at the end of last week long charters for two VLCCs of the fleet and is looking forward to an upward turn in fares. Contracts lasting three to five years are expected to generate gross revenue of more than $ 110 million for the maximum charter period.

TEN COO, George Saroglou, spoke about “positive signs” in the market. “As the fundamentals of the market take a positive turn, we are looking for similar opportunities, with high-end customers.

This, in combination with the ships that are active in the spot market and the delivery of one of the new LNG carriers of the fleet next quarter, will help TEN to fully participate in the expected recovery of the tanker market in the next period “, said Mr. Saroglou .

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Source From: Capital

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