The new road and railway projects that will change Western Greece

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Yesterday’s start of work on the Patras – Pyrgos road is one of the major projects underway in Western Greece.

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As the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, stated yesterday, during his speech from the TERNA construction site in Amaliada, the road and railway projects that have been planned in the prefecture, signal a leap of development for the wider region, creation of new jobs. as well as quality of life and better daily life for all residents and visitors of Western Greece.

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Apart from Patras – Pyrgos, the Aktio – Amvrakia road is in progress, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The project is being implemented by Mytilineos and has a budget of 150 million euros.

This is the largest road project for Western Greece until at least the works for the Patras – Pyrgos highway, with a total length of 48.5 km, begin.

The project of the double connection of Lefkada with the axis Aktio – Amvrakia, with contractor AKTOR, is in progress, with a horizon of completion in 2023. The project consists of two parts. The first is the section Aktio – Agios Nikolaos and the second Vonitsa – Lefkada. The cost of the project is 48.1 million euros with the section Vonitsa – Lefkada, having a length of about 16 km and the section Aktio – Agios Nikolaos about 5 km.

Another road project in Western Greece is heading to join the Development Fund, which was announced yesterday by Prime Minister Mr. Mitsotakis. This is the upgrade of the road axis Pyrgos – Ancient Olympia, with a total length of 25 km. The total budget of the project is estimated to reach 50 million euros, although its amount has not yet been finalized.

Finally, there is the road section Pyrgos – Kalo Nero – Tsakona, which through a recent amendment, was re-included in the concession contract of Olympia Odos and will be examined in the near future what will be born with its implementation.

Railway projects

Simultaneously with the road projects, a number of major railway projects have already started to be implemented or have been auctioned and are expected to start in the near future in Western Greece. This is the double railway line Rododafni – Psathopyrgos which includes the Panagopoula Tunnel, which is classified as one of the 5 largest railway tunnels in the country, with a length of 4.8 km and the double railway line Psathopyrgos – Patras, the construction is ongoing.

The section of the new railway line (Kiato – Patra), Rododafni – Rio, with a total budget of 175 million euros, has already been auctioned, with the consortium of companies TERNA – Mytilineos as temporary contractor, as well as the electrification of the section Kiato – Rhodes the same shape. With the completion of the projects in 2025, the modern electric trains will be able to move in double lines with speeds that reach in parts up to 200 km / h.

Finally, regarding the railway connection Patras – Pyrgos, OSE commissioned Consultant services to assist its services in drafting a cost-benefit analysis study of the project.

The project of the Railway Line Kato Achaia – Pyrgos, is part of the overall project of railway interconnection between Patras and Pyrgos and is a continuation of the interconnection that took place in the first phase between Patras and Kato Achaia. The project with a total budget of 48 million euros and a total length of 77 km includes the renovation and upgrade of the existing line that is inactive up to Pyrgos, while it includes the renovation of the seven stations from Kato Achaia to Pyrgos.

Finally, the tender process for the construction of the double railway line Rio – Neos Limenas Patras is in progress, which will essentially complete the new double line Kiato – Patras.

The auction budget of the project amounts to 477 million euros (excluding VAT) and the selected contractor will undertake the design and construction of a new double railway line in the section Rio – New Port of Patras, with a total length of approximately 11 km.

Source: Capital

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