The new services of EFKA that will be digitized – The list

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By Dimitris Katsaganis

The voting process of EFKA services will be intensified in the immediate future with the aim of improving its service to the insured and employers and at the same time improving the employment conditions of its employees.

First of all, the implementation of special platforms for the submission of electronic applications will proceed, which will also concern the subsidiary insurance branch of EFKA. The aim is not to need the physical presence of citizens to collect and submit supporting documents.

At the same time, the implementation of mechanisms for issuing supplementary pensions is underway, as is already the case for the main ones.

Also, the digitization of 10 million files of insured persons for the years before 2001 is promoted, while the goal is not to need the physical presence for any transaction with EFKA, while for some the digital “route” will be mandatory.

Furthermore, a protocol service will be developed which will operate electronically with the possibility of digital signatures.

At the same time, the establishment of digital applications for the faster issuance of successive and parallel insurance pensions has been launched.

In fact, the possibility of electronic automation of the multitude of legislative provisions is in the works, the aim is to facilitate the work of those employees who are employed in the services of granting pensions.

At the same time, services are expected to be activated in order to better serve the citizens in terms of submitting a question or request regarding the selected digital service.

On the other hand, EFKA will create rules and technologies for data analysis and extraction. The aim is to develop forecasting models that will contribute to the targeted decision-making process regarding the processing of new pension award procedures throughout the country.

Finally, the digitization of the new organizational structure of EFKA is being prepared (it will be ready at the beginning of next month) which will enable the better movement of documents from one service to another, but also the easy access to any information from each structure of EFKA.

The next steps

According to what the Minister of Labor, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, stated during the presentation of the full operation of the unified call center of the Ministry. Working (line 1555) last week:

-Soon a special mobile application for 1555 will be launched, as well as the ability to chat through its website.

-The cooperation with the KEP is strengthened with the addition of new services of EFKA, OAED and OPEC.

– The websites of the Ministry and the other bodies are upgraded.

– The service of remote appointments with OAED and EFKA (myOAEDlive and myEFKAlive respectively) will soon be extended to OPEC.

– The upgrade of the information system “Ergani” with resources of the Recovery Fund that will facilitate the work of thousands of professionals, insured and employees.

Immediate strategic goal of the Ministry. Labor, according to Mr. Hatzidaki, it is in institutions such as EFKA important services that are provided both in a natural and digital way to be provided only digitally. This is already happening in OAED for almost all of its services. “In this way we will strengthen the digital profile of EFKA and we will decongest even more the branches, improving the daily life of both citizens and employees”, noted Mr. Hatzidakis.


Source From: Capital

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