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The next countries “targets” of Russia after the war in Ukraine

Russia may be negatively magnetizing all the eyes of the international community because of the war in Ukraine, but it is already drawing up its next “goals”, while it is already trying to control certain countries. Due to the current situation, he does not seek a general war, but he intends to penetrate by military means, in case he cannot by shadowy means take power. The Wall Street Journal reports that Moscow is particularly targeting Moldova, where in 2016 it attempted a coup, while in 2022 pro-Russian politicians were one step away from calling for formal Russian intervention. But this scenario was reversed, thanks to the situation on the Ukrainian front. The Balkans are also in the “target”, since several countries, such as Serbia, belonged to the former Eastern bloc. Beyond Europe, Russia through the action of Wagner and other mercenary groups it controls, seeks to penetrate African states and especially those with rich unexploited deposits, such as gold. In fact, the Washington Post in extensive […]
Source: News Beast

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