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The next governments will hardly be able to reverse the environmental agenda in SP, says Rodrigo Garcia

The next governments will hardly be able to reverse the environmental agenda in SP, says Rodrigo Garcia

The governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), said this Friday (25th) that it will be difficult for the next governments to reverse the environmental agenda in the state.

He held the opening of the event “Forum Estadão Think: Sustainability, Housing and the New Pinheiros River”, a seminar that brought together authorities with representatives of the market and civil society to discuss “public policies that go together to offer a better quality of life to the population of São Paulo”. Paul”.

During his speech, Garcia classified São Paulo as a “sustainable state”, and stated that “projects in the environmental area, which are in execution or were conceived by our technical teams, are already agreed with society”.

He believes that “hardly any government that comes ahead” will set back the environmental agenda in São Paulo, “which is already an agenda of São Paulo society, not of the government”.

Garcia commented on the transition process to the elected government of Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), and said that the process has been “extremely republican and transparent”.

“I am sure that the governor-elect will continue with most of our projects. He has already said that it is not a government of rupture, but of changes”, declared the governor, who supports Tarcísio’s candidacy during the campaign for the second round of the elections.

In his speech, he also took the opportunity to praise the São Paulo government’s actions in the area of ​​the environment and housing. “The government of São Paulo is committed to the depollution of the Pinheiros River and implemented the environmental ICMS to encourage the preservation of the environment. These are two examples of projects that are carried out with social, ecological and sustainable responsibility”, pointed out Garcia.

After Garcia’s speech, the event held two panel discussions. The first, focused on housing, was attended by the Housing Secretary of São Paulo, Flávio Amary, the technical director of Consurb, Lair Krahenbuhl, the president of the Association of Subdivision and Urban Development Companies (Aelo), Caio Portugal and the executive director of Economic Housing at Secovi-SP, Daniela Ferrari.

The second panel, entitled “Sustainability and the New Pinheiros River”, had the participation of the Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment of São Paulo, Fernando Chucre, the Secretary of Government of São Paulo, Marcos Penido, the CEO of Sabesp, Benedito Braga, the president of the Bueno Netto group, Adalberto Bueno Netto, the coordinator of the 2030 Water Resources Group for Brazil, Stela Goldenstein, and the CEO of Usina SP, Thiago Nagib.

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