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The Norwegian parliament is once again targeted by hackers

The Norwegian parliament has announced that, seven months after the cyber attack on Russian hackers, suffered a new cyber attack, which resulted in data leakage, the scope of which has not yet been clarified.

The attack was due to endogenous vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange messaging services, the parliament said on its website.

«We know that data has been uploaded, but we do not yet have a complete picture of the situation“, Said the director of the parliament administration, Mariane Andreassen.

“The situation is not clear at the moment and we do not know the possible total extent of the damage,” she added.

The parliament, which has filed a lawsuit, says it does not know who is behind the new attack and has not identified any links to the previous cyber attack.

In early September, Storting, as the Norwegian parliament is called in Norwegian, announced that it had been targeted by a “Huge” cyber attack, which had allowed its perpetrators to hack into the emails of some MPs and workers.

The Norwegian government had then named Russia as responsible for the operation, with the Norwegian services to distinguish the “footprint” of the hacker team Fancy Bear (or APT28), which is suspected of being linked to the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service.

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