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The number of armed conflicts worldwide reached in 2023 the highest level since 1946

The year 2023 saw the highest number of conflicts worldwide since 1946, while the last three years were the most violent of the last three decades, according to a Norwegian report published today. Last year there were 59 conflicts worldwide, almost half (28) in Africa, according to the Oslo Peace Research Institute (Prio). But the number of countries in conflict declined in 2023, falling to 34 from 39 in 2022. Also, the number of people killed by the fighting doubled to around 122,000, including more than 71,000 in Ukraine and around 23,000 in Gaza, based on data collected by the Swedish University of Uppsala from international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Nevertheless, the last three years combined have seen more conflict deaths than at any other time in the last three decades. The dramatic increase in the number of these deaths is mainly due to […]
Source: News Beast

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