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The number of deaths caused by rain in RS rises to 172

The number of deaths caused by rain in Rio Grande do Sul reached 172, according to a report released by the state's Civil Defense this Sunday morning (2). The incidents left 806 people injured and 42 are still missing.

Around 37,300 people are still in shelters. The number represents a drop of 33.1% compared to last week, when 55.8 thousand individuals were still in temporary reception structures. The state still has 580.1 thousand homeless people.

In total, 2,390,556 people were affected by the storms in 475 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. Since the end of April, 77,873 people and 12,543 animals have been rescued.

See the full balance:

  • Confirmed deaths: 172
  • Missing: 42
  • Injured: 806
  • People affected: 2,390,556
  • Homeless: 580,111
  • People in shelters: 37,328
  • Affected municipalities: 475
  • People rescued: 77,873
  • Animals rescued: 12,543

Water level

The level of Lake Guaíba, which bathes the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, continues to fall. At 8am this Sunday, the level reached 3.49 meters – the lowest since the start of the current weather events. In 24 hours, there was a drop of 6 centimeters.

According to Porto Alegre city hall, all exits from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul to the coast and interior are now accessible. The municipal administration reports that, as of last Friday night (31), more than 23 thousand tons of waste had already been removed from the streets.

The Rio dos Sinos reached a level of 4.48 meters this Sunday morning and left the flood level. However, other rivers, such as the Gravataí and Jacuí, remain at flood level. The Uruguay River is at the alert level.

Source: CNN Brasil

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