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The number of deaths due to the rains in RS reaches 149

The number of people killed as a result of the rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul over the last two weeks rose to 149. According to a Civil Defense report released early this Tuesday evening (14), the state still has 112 missing and 806 injured.

In total, 2,124,553 people were affected. They are distributed across 446 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. According to Civil Defense, 538,245 individuals are homeless and 79,494 have gone to shelters.

Since the start of response operations to the environmental tragedy, 76,483 people and 11,002 animals have been rescued.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Pix account created by the Rio Grande do Sul government to collect resources to help people affected by the floods had already raised just over R$101.3 million. On Monday (13), Governor Eduardo Leite stated that he had hired a company to audit this account.

At this moment, 125,456 customers in CEE Equatorial are without electricity, which is equivalent to 6.9% of the total. Another 132.6 thousand RGE Sul customers are in the dark, which corresponds to 4.3% of the total.

Just over 159,600 Corsan customers (5% of the total) are still without water.

Regarding roads, the state still has 100 sections of total and partial closures on 51 roads.

See the numbers:

  • Confirmed deaths: 149
  • Missing: 112
  • Injured: 806
  • People affected: 2,124,553
  • Homeless: 538,245
  • People in shelters: 79,494
  • Municipalities affected: 446
  • People rescued: 76,483
  • Animals rescued: 11,002

Guaíba level remains high

According to monitoring carried out by the Brazilian Geological Service (SGB), the level of Lake Guaíba, which bathes the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, remains high.

In the last assessment, at 17, the level was at 5.23 meters – the same as had been recorded in the two previous measurements.

The highest level recorded in Guaíba in history, 5.33 meters, was reached in the current flood, on the 5th and 6th of May. Until then, the record was from the 1941 flood, when it was between 4.75 and 4.76 meters.

To give you an idea, the alert level for Guaíba is 2.5 meters, while the flood level is 3 meters.

See the level of the state's main rivers

  • Rio dos Sinos (São Leopoldo): 6.77 meters (flood level 4.50)
  • Gravataí River (Passo das Canoas): 5.83 meters (flood level 4.75)
  • Taquari River (Muçum): 9.89 meters (flood level 18.00)
  • Caí River (Feliz): 4.37 meters (flood elevation 9.00)
  • Uruguay River (Uruguaiana): 11.67 meters (flood level 8.50)
  • Lagoa dos Patos (São Lourenço do Sul): 2.50 meters – 7am (flood level 1.30)

Source: CNN Brasil

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