The number of installed cryptomats in the world has exceeded 30,000

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As of January 1, 2021, 14,016 cryptomats were registered in the world, but by October 27, their number had doubled, reaching 30,011.

According to Coin ATM Radar, ATMs are installed in 76 countries and are operated by 628 operators. The United States became the leader in the number of cryptomats – 26,000 devices are registered in the country, while there are less than 2,000 in Canada, and 1,353 in the entire European Union.

In Spain, the number of ATMs has grown to 155, and in Bitcoin-friendly Switzerland – to 130. However, not all regions are showing a positive trend. Thus, in the UK, the number of ATMs dropped sharply from 229 devices on January 1 to 98 by the end of October.

Most ATMs support BTC, ETH and LTC. Almost 68% of all cryptomats – over 20,300 – are served by the top 10 operators. Bitcoin Depot remains the largest among them, serving 5,314 devices (17.7%), followed by Coincloud with 4,028 (13.4%), and Coinflip with 2,953 ATMs (less than 10%) is in third place.

Recall that last month, Lamassu introduced a new Tejo model with support for six cryptocurrencies. In addition, in August, major US ATM maker NCR bought out crypto ATM operator LibertyX, and in February US bank Blue Ridge announced that it would add BTC purchase functionality to its ATMs.

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