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The number of wallets in the Shibarium network exceeded 1 million

On September 3, 2023, the total number of addresses on the Shibarium network exceeded 1 million, according to Shibariumscan. This happened despite the drop in the SHIB token by more than 20% since the launch of the blockchain.

The total number of transactions is also approaching the 1 million mark. The peak of the daily volume of transactions falls on August 25, 2023 – 130,840, according to Shibariumscan.

Project Administration noted reaching this important milestone in the official blog. She positions Shibarium as one of the fastest growing L2 solutions in the ecosystem.

Mainnet Shibarium was released on August 16, 2023. Two weeks later, the number of addresses in the network reached 100,000. The surge in activity occurred against the backdrop of a restart of the cross-chain protocol.

Despite the increase in the number of addresses and transactions, the TVL of the network continues to fall. Since August 30, 2023, it has decreased by $420,000, according to DefiLlama:

The TVL of the Shibarium network. Source: DefiLlama.

The SHIB rate also shows negative dynamics. The price of the asset decreased from $0.00001044 at the time of the mainnet launch to $0.0000072, according to TradingView.


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